A Ferrari?! That’s right. In a once-in-a-life-time event, we are hosting an IDO Giveaway where the grand prize winner will become the new owner of the ride, Ferrari California!

Due to the overwhelming response from the giveaway campaign, we have extended the deadline for entry until August 31st for more people to opt-in with…

🎁 MORE prizes. MORE Winners!

  • 1st Prize: x1 Ferrari California
    with international warranty and service package for 1 year)
  • 2nd Prize: x10 Test Drive of any of the following supercars — Lambo, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Aston Martin and more
  • 3rd Prize: x5 iPhone 12 Pro
  • 4th Prize: x5 set of APPLE…

Blockchain is more than a trend, in 2021 there are blockchain projects actively working to disrupt nearly every facet of consumer life. One area that doesn’t seem to get as much media attention as most — but is making uheard of headway in development on the blockchain— is loyalty points programs.

According to Deloitte, “Customer loyalty and engagement can make or break companies, and as such, rewards programs represent strategic investments for all types of organizations. …

DragonBite is among the few projects whose mission aims to bridge loyalty and blockchain technology. The firm is currently developing a Dapp for Q4 2021 that aims to aggregate all reward points from many different loyalty programs under one platform for its users to manage and exchange them against digital assets.

While the DragonBite community is familiar with $BITE, the DragonBite utility token which is also traded publicly on both Uniswap and BitMart, we have not yet introduced you to BITE Point, a medium of exchange that will act as a stablecoin pegged at 1:1 with USD and which will…

Announcing the winners of the DragonBite meme challenge.

There’s no way to know what kind of entries you will receive when you start a competition like this but following are a few — of the dozens of contenders who submitted memes — that stood out and we found impossible to ignore.

We may all be afraid of sharing our creations online, but the entrants in this contest have risen to show their best meme making for your enjoyment.

Following Are the 5 Winners of the DragonBite Twitter Meme Contest

In no particular order, embedded below are the five winners of the meme contest.

Congratulations everyone!

  1. @Gokul brings DragonBite into the world…

The launch of our 1st LP staking program on MANTRA DAO has closed on a positive note for the participants who are expected to receive an average of 82k+ $BITE EACH as they maintained their stake until the end of the program.

Following this, we are excited to announce our 2nd LP Staking Program, which will launch on MANTRADAO today (July 22nd), at 12:00 PM UTC.

🧐 What is an LP Staking Program?

We are often contacted by our community, especially newbies in the industry, about the difference between a Staking Program and an LP Staking Program.

Staking programs are designed to allow users to participate in…

Hey, hey hey…. DragonBite wants your memes. Get your creative on and you can be one of five winners of USDT $300.

What do you think about that?

Make them thumb stopper memes and become a winner.

Following the listing of $BITE on BitMart, we are pleased to announce joint marketing efforts with BitMart to introduce DragonBite’s token to the exhange’s community.

A total of 600,000 $Bite (approximately USD$ 9,000) will be distributed to BitMart traders over the month of July. You can win a distribution of $BITE on BitMart by participating in one of several contests.

1. AMA on BitMart Telegram Channel: Introducing DragonBite, a Dapp to convert your reward points into crypto currencies

🗓 Date: Friday, July, 9th, 11AM-12PM EDT

💰Reward pool: $500 worth of $BITE to be distributed as followed:

  • The first 10 users who raise questions will be rewarded with $10 in $BITE;
  • 5 users whose questions are selected to answer…

Following the launch of $BITE token on Uniswap and its twostaking programs on Mantra Dao and Polkabridge which allow people to generate passive income from their $BITE holdings, we are pleased to announce the opening of a third staking program for liquidity providers on Mantra Dao: the DragonBite-MantraDao LP Staking Program.

The pool is reserved for those who:

  • purchase $BITE with $ETH on Uniswap;
  • provide liquidity;
  • stake on the Uniswap v2 Pool on Mantra Dao for 8 weeks.

How to stake on the DragonBite Mantra Dao Staking Program

Before starting, beware of scam addresses on Uniswap. They display fake $BITE tokens with our symbol and logo so to avoid this…

With the massive growth of the NFT sector and its mass adoption, we thought to add this new type of token in our dApp. Users could convert their loyalty or rewards points into $BITE, access and manage both cryptocurrencies and non fungible tokens from one place, stake them and get rewarded for it.

A project that caught our attention is LABS, one of the preeminent blockchain-based real estate investment platforms. LABS tokenizes properties and resorts, making real estate available to all on the blockchain for as low as USD $100 per unit. The firm has also recently announced to offer…

Yesterday, DragonBite’s top management team led an AMA on its Telegram channel to come back to its IDO which took place on Friday, June 11th. It was the opportunity to update its community, give it further details on the tech issues the team encountered during the launch of its token and answer question from the participants.

A reward pool of 1,500 $BITE was set up and we are glad to announce the 8 winners whose questions were shortlisted.

  1. @Emilyy2837
  2. @Mathiba77811175
  3. @ToskasArthur
  4. @ez2no104
  5. @Muthunayagam3
  6. @Picapicachuu
  7. @IraidaWarden
  8. @Tirtho777

They are invited to contact our admin to claim their rewards before june 25th:


DragonBite Team

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