BitMart to Distribute 600,000 $BITE to Celebrate the Launch of the DragonBite Token on Exchange

Following the listing of $BITE on BitMart, we are pleased to announce joint marketing efforts with BitMart to introduce DragonBite’s token to the exhange’s community.

A total of 600,000 $Bite (approximately USD$ 9,000) will be distributed to BitMart traders over the month of July. You can win a distribution of $BITE on BitMart by participating in one of several contests.

1. AMA on BitMart Telegram Channel: Introducing DragonBite, a Dapp to convert your reward points into crypto currencies

💰Reward pool: $500 worth of $BITE to be distributed as followed:

  • The first 10 users who raise questions will be rewarded with $10 in $BITE;
  • 5 users whose questions are selected to answer will each receive $20 in $BITE;
  • 50 users who (a) follow the Twitter accounts of both, DragonBite and BitMart Exchange, (b) retweet this post and (c) tag 3 friends will be randomly selected to receive $6 in $BITE.

2. $BITE Buying Competition

💰Reward Pool: $340,000 $BITE

This competition is open to active traders who will be rewarded in terms of buying volumes they provide to the $BITE/$USDT pair during the competition period. So the more you buy, the better your chance to win!

30 prizes will be distributed as follows at the end of the competition:

  • 1st: 51,000 $BITE
  • 2nd: 40,800 $BITE
  • 3rd: 27,200 $BITE
  • 4th-10th: 17,000 $BITE each
  • 11th-20th: 6,800 $BITE each
  • 21th-30th: 3,400 $BITE each

3. Hold & Earn Events

💰Reward pool: 260,000 $BITE

BitMart will take a snapshot of all $BITE users on its platform who hold at least $ 50 worth of $BITE and airdrop them a bonus $BITE at random times between July 8th and 22nd. The number of $BITE will be distributed proportionally according to each user’s holdings compared to the total amount of $BITE held on BitMart. So, the more $BITE you HODL in your account, the more $BITE via airdrops you will receive, HODL, HODL.

The DragonBite team is excited to organise this giveaway in partnership with BitMart. As a reminder, $BITE was officially listed on BitMart on Monday, July 5th with a $BITE/$USDT pair available for trading.

With 600,000 registered users and a daily trading volume estimated at USD $400 million, BitMart is a partner to watch for the growth of $BITE trading and DragonBite’s growing exchange ecosystem.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in the contests and earn more $BITE, open an account on BitMart today at

👉 To buy $BITE, click here

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