DragonBite, a Disruptive Revolution!

DragonBite is an innovative open Blockchain technology development for assets digitalization to manage Loyalty points, E-vouchers, Air mileages, In-game assets and Cryptocurrencies. DragonBite does not only build its own transaction engine for digital assets to swap around within the platform but also links with CryptoExchanges to trade Cryptocurrencies, optimizing the multi asset conversion engine system.

90% of companies have launched Reward programs to attract customers, and 90% of people in developed countries have already joined at least 4 membership programs. However, over 90% of customers do not redeem their loyalty benefit.

DragonBite initiates a disruptive Revolution of Loyalty Customer. We have full confidence to disrupt the loyalty community, gather those customers into this new ecosystem, boom the community and start the revolution. Inside the new ecosystem, users will be able to aggregate all their idle digital assets into one account, convert from one asset into another, sell assets and buy other assets, including cryptocurrency. DragonBite will give out $BITE token to active users who participate in trading or making contributions in the ecosystem, rewarding loyalty and providing incentive to maintain an energetic environment. Point expiration will not be any problem with DragonBite, as users can sell their expiring assets to buy other available digital assets, to top-up other programs or to pre-pay DragonBite card for daily consumption in real life.

DragonBite is founded by a talented team of blockchain enthusiasts. The team has accumulated over 50 years of experience in digital marketing, technology, loyalty, payments, banking, consulting and fintech. The DragonBite team is based in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

DragonBite Team

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