DragonBite Announces an Intense Schedule with Upcoming Launchpads before Listing $BITE on Uniswap

We are excited to share with you our token sales activity planned before the Uniswap IDO, which we believe will arouse more than one of you!

By the end of June, DragonBite will launch their ERC-20 version of BITE available to the general public who can buy or swap $BITE with Ethereum. The $BITE token listing launches on Uniswap in June 2021.

DragonBite’s DEX listing is one of the most eagerly awaited events for both DeFi project owners and their communities. Since last year’s DeFi summer, DEX launch have become the preferred method to distribute tokens and raise capital in the blockchain space not only because of higher cost efficiency, but also because of its lack of restrictions on who, when, and from where people can buy tokens.

It’s just one month before launch, let’s review what the project has achieved so far, what is in the pipeline — when it comes to additional fundraising — and what our community can expect from $BITE’s listing.

The Culmination of a Four Year Roadmap

DragonBite is not a new project. In fact, DragonBite began building its prototype and filed patents since 2018. Furthermore, the project aligned in partnership with leading actors in the blockchain and loyalty program spaces.

DragonBite’s first two partners, AsiaTop Loyalty and the Association of Blockchain Development, have helped DragonBite to establish solid foundations in the loyalty space since the project’s inception.

Upon launch, DragonBite will be able to store and recognize rewards points, vouchers and gift cards from several loyalty programs present in more than 50,000 merchants and can access targeted a user base of more than over 1 Million individuals through its partnership with AsiaTop Loyalty.

While 2018 was a year of research and development for DragonBite to figure out how to integrate payment options including some provided by banks as well as loyalty programs to the blockchain, in 2020 things accelerated and started to take shape with the writing of the whitepaper and the finalisation of its asset converting matrix.

In Q1 2021, DragonBite’s smart contract was successfully audited by Holdex, the project raised US$ 2.7 million from VC and private investors within 48 hours and DragonBite was incubated by RioDeFi after deciding to build its Dapp on RioChain.

The rest of the year 2021 is promising but DragonBite is confident in its ability to deliver as planned starting by the release of its Dapp and more partnership with loyalty programs to be announced, the beta version of its NFT platform, its integration on Mantra DAO and migration on RioChain.

Uniswap listing and Pre-IDO Events: all you need to know

May and June are dedicated to DragonBite’s community with the launch of several initiatives that aims to engage with its followers.

A Giveaway campaign was announced earlier this week allowing entrants a chance to win $BITE and $ETH when following DragonBite social media. The campaign ran through May 18th with more than 6,000 entrants who took advantage of the opportunity to win and show your support for the DragonBite project.

DragonBite will work closely with four platforms to allow smaller investors access to $BITE tokens at preferential pre-launch prices. Mark your calendar with the dates below, and follow DragonBite on Medium so you won’t miss any updates when times come to release the name of each launchpad we will partner with!

Tuesday, May 11th - Sunday May 16th: DragonBite will inaugurate a new platform to kick start its private sales allocation program. US$ 100,000 would be shared among the participants, which will be selected on a first come, first served basis, after passing their KYC. Stay tuned on May 16th, the shortlisted applicants will be given 24 hours to transfer funds to confirm their participation.

Monday, May 17th - Wednesday 26th: DragonBite will open its first whitelisting on a growing decentralised swapping protocol. There will be 6 programs available for people to participate and get a chance to receive allocations from a pool evaluated at $160,000. Interested parties will be shortlisted randomly and the winners will be announced on May 26th.

Wednesday, May 19th to mid-June: DragonBite will start two separate campaigns on the 2nd and 3rd launchpads which are among the biggest on the market! There will be a total allocation of $200,000 to be shared among all the winners of those platforms. This would be the last chance for our community to access $BITE at prelaunch prices. The announcements for each platform will be made on May 19th so people have enough time to enter the whitelists. These two events will take place in June 2021, just a few hours before Uniswap’s listing stay tuned to our twitter and medium to be the first to know the exact date.

June, 2021 - Uniswap listing: this will allow us to launch $BITE token publicly and create immediate liquidity. The excitement is at its best because Uniswap just offers a concentrated liquidity approach which many believe will result in making liquidity provisioning more attractive and trading more efficient.

What should you expect from $BITE?

$BITE is DragonBite’s utility token. For those who will be using the Dapp (and this number might increase as more loyalty programs join), BITE will be valuable:

  • $BITE holders can access loyalty programs when converting their rewards points, e-vouchers or gift cards to crypto currencies.
  • For wallet users, $BITE will be used to access privileged services.
  • $BITE will be able to be exchanged against $BITE Point to top-up prepaid cards and purchase coupons.
  • $BITE will also be used to bid for rare assets and resell them in the secondary market.

Since $BITE supply is limited, and will also be used as our staking reward, Bite value has the potential to increase in value as usage grows.

Although it’s really hard to predict the performance of a token over time, some people may be interested to acquire $BITE at a preferential price during the pre-IDO events and store or stake them over time to enjoy passive revenues from them. Others who have subscribed to many loyalty programs might also see a great promotional offer by participating in the launchpads since $BITE could be used in many ways on the Dapp.

If you are interested to learn more about which platforms we will be listed on, follow DragonBite on Medium and turn your notifications on!

About DragonBite

DragonBite is a truly open decentralised Asset Management platform for customers to store and swap all kinds of digital assets in One App with One password. The salient purpose of DragonBite is to couple an integrated application and suite of services with a tokenized loyalty rewards system. The combination of these two services is what has resulted in the vision of DragonBite which is “to disrupt the loyalty market with innovative business models and technology”.

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