DragonBite Grand Giveaway: Upcoming Draw & Shortlisted Participants

In June, DragonBite went public on Uniswap, the leading decentralised crypto exchange run on Ethereum. To celebrate the launch of its ERC-20 token $BITE, and to encourage its community to stake their tokens in order to help DragonBite secure its network, a Grand Giveaway was organised from June 12th to August 31st. By staking BITE in dedicated pools on Mantra Dao and PolkaBirdge, BITE holders could access entries to a lucky draw.

Participants who staked 20,000 BITE in the standard staking pools received 1 entry to the draw while those who staked in the LP pools received more entries according to the number of $BITE and $ETH they contributed (details about the conditions for entry here). Participants were also required to follow DragonBite on both Twitter and Telegram and to fill out a form to be eligible for the draw.

Although there were more than 600 participants in this campaign, after verification, only 222 eligible ERC-20 addresses (or entries) were shortlisted as eligible for the draw.

Each eligible ERC-20 address that met entry requirements has been applied a number, which corresponds to your entry ticket to the draw (see below). For those who staked to the LP program and are entitled to several entries, your ERC-20 address will be listed several times with different numbers representing your entries, more than one, into the draw.

This (or these) number(s) will also be confirmed to entrants via email in the next 12 hours based on the email address you entered when filling out the form to participate in the lucky draw. If you have not received an email and your ERC-20 address is listed below, please contact our administrators on DragonBite Telegram, either Alan or Emma so we can double check your eligibility. You will have until Wednesday September 15th, 6PM UTC to contact us before the draw takes place.

Tomorrow our host Rachel will roll a ball drawing machine in a live session on our YouTube channel and draw the 31 winners of the Grand Giveaway! We will drop the link an hour before the draw takes place, between 8pm and 11:30pm UTC.

We will announce the 31 winning numbers starting from the 5th to the 1st prize.

During the draw and announcement of the winning numbers, you are invited to comment in our social media if you are among the winners, tag @DragonBiteDB and spread the word about this initiative!

Our marketing team will touch base with the winners after the draw to collect further information needed for us to ship the physical prizes. To prevent scams, we will only be communicating to the email address collected in the fill out forms. We will not accept official communication through social media nor secondary email addresses.

Here is the shortlisted list of the ERC-20 address eligible to enter the draw:

Screenshot below is a preview of the sheet, please click here to check the sheet here for the full list of entrants.

We are excited by this upcoming draw and would like to thank all $BITE holders for their participation and support since the launch of the DragonBite token. The DragonBite team wishes the best of luck to all the participants!

About Dragonite

DragonBite is a decentralized ecosystem that puts the power of the cryptocurrency market into the hands of its users. DragonBite offers various products and services, catering to almost every aspect of the cryptocurrency economy, including a digital wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange, loyalty redemption points, discounts/purchases with crypto, and more. Using the DragonBite application, users gain access to every feature they could need within the cryptocurrency market.

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DragonBite Team

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DragonBite Team

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