DragonBite is Technology Advances !

2 min readApr 9, 2021

DragonBite is a truly open-loop decentralised wallet to manage all digital assets, including Loyalty points, E-vouchers, E-Coupons, Air-mileages, In-game assets and Cryptocurrencies. DragonBite has directly connected with Crypto Exchange via a licensed payment gateway. The whole operation is powered by a hybrid IT architecture, i.e. partly on-chain and partly off-blockchain.

On-chain engine consists of DB BITE (BITE) and BITE Point (DBP).

BITE, which has limited supply, will be created during the token generation event, and it will be traded in Crypto exchange. Merchants, who utilizes DragonBite platform to provide loyalty program and promotion activities, will be charged in the form of BITE. On the other hand, every wallet user and partner, who participate in trading activities or make contributions to DragonBite ecosystem, will be rewarded with BITE. BITE holder, who will be rewarded from staking BITE, can also use it to bid valuable asset in our auction platform. We intend to provide sufficient incentive to any active user to do asset conversion, member referral and business referral. BITE can be used to access the privileged services, to exchange BITE Point, to pre-pay DragonBite card and to purchase coupons.

BITE Point is our universal loyalty token, acting as a medium of exchange among digital assets. It is pegged 1:1 to the U.S. dollar, so digital assets will have less volatile conversion rates. All reward exchange transactions will convert to BITE Point first for security and transparency improvement.

In the future, DragonBite will deploy Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to handle rare asset bidding in auction and delivery process for our customers. New bidder can also access our blockchain and check the asset trading history and detail. The NFT enabled trading transaction can further be protected by our crypto escrow payment service & API to reduce any risk or fault. Therefore, DragonBite platform can support trading extremely rare gaming asset online.

All other transactions, including redemption of points at the point of sale, the loyalty program specific transactions and the E-voucher issuances are handled at the back-end server without the blockchain. Ensuring sufficient protection to our wallet users and partners, our Chief Technology officer will manage regular security of both on-chain and off-chain components to make sure which are properly audited and protected.

The most importantly, DragonBite will take good care of your valuable digital assets all the time. Please goto our website www.dragonbite.asia to find out more.

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