DragonBite Tokenomics and Emission Schedule

DragonBite continues to receive a number of questions relating to $BITE tokenomics and the token emission schedule.

While most answers are in the whitepaper, the team wanted to dedicate an article on this topic which could serve as a reference so we can bring more transparency and clarity to the community.

DragonBite’s interest from crypto enthusiasts keeps growing and we would like to thank everyone for their support. Now let’s dive into the tokenomics model and how allocations will be unlocked.

DragonBite Tokenomics

Tokenomics (token-economics or crypto-economics) study the economic institutions and policies of the distribution, production, and distribution of $BITE, DragonBite native tokens which are tokenized on the blockchain.

Tokenomics are an important concept in crypto projects as their structure differs from traditional business models since tokens do not require centralized intermediaries like banks or other institutional enterprises.

DragonBite tokenomics, which can be found in its whitepaper here, can be summarized as follows:

  • Token name: BITE

Total Supply and $BITE Allocation Breakdown

The total supply (locked and circulating) of $BITE is capped at 1,000,000,000 $BITE and the first distribution of tokens begins with a release of 36,100,000 tokens on Day 1 (June 11th at 4:00 PM UTC).

Following the initial release of tokens, the $BITE supply will then continue to increase over a 1,915 day period, thus completing the emission of all $BITE Tokens.

The allocation of tokens is split amongst 8 groups and was divided in this way to incentivize development, usage, and the sustainability of the DragonBite ecosystem for all involved token holders:

$BITE Emission Schedule: Detailed Breakdown

What you need to know about the emission schedule and allocation of tokens:

1. Private Rounds include:

  • Seed Round: investors are able to unlock 10% of their tokens on Day 1, followed by a linear unlocking of their allocation from the end of month 1 to month 8;

2. Team & Advisors

Under DragonBite’s tokenomic model, the tokens allocated to the team and their advisors represents 17.5% of the total tokens in circulation with a 12 months cliff followed by 18 months of linear unlock. This means both Advisors and DragonBite’s team will get 0 tokens for the first 12 months, only after 12 months have passed from the TGE date will this portion of the $BITE tokens start to be unlocked with a linear distribution for 18 months.

3. Staking Rewards

Under DragonBite’s tokenomic model, liquidity providers (LPs) are incentivized to stake $BITE in return for attractive rewards over time. Tokens reserved for staking purposes represent 32.5% of all $BITE and Liquidity Providers can benefit from APY at 60% from Day 1 — if they decide to stake in Mantra Dao or Polkabridge’s staking pools. Those rewards will slowly decrease over time and stabilise at 20%.

4. Future Strategic Sales

Strategic Sales are similar to pre-TGE private rounds but are reserved to incentivize future strategic partners who come onboard after the TGE to contribute to the DragonBite ecosystem. These tokens will be available at a preferential discounted price but only from month 3. This bucket represents 5% of the total token supplied, and is locked for 3 months followed by a 6 months vesting period.

5. Referral

5% of $BITE are reserved for referral purposes. Locked for 6 months, these tokens have a vesting period of 24 months and a linear distribution.


As you may know, DragonBite has many partners which you can find here. In order to make the tokenomic more sustainable and to strengthen long term relationship with them, 10% of the total token supplied will be distributed to them beginning in month 6 with a linear distribution vesting over a 24-month period of time.

7. Promotional Rewards

Those rewards are distributed during AMAs and marketing campaigns to incentivize engagement within the DragonBite community. This portion of tokens represents 5% of the total supply and will be unlocked starting from month 6 with a linear unlock taking place over a total of 24 months.

8. Reserves

Reserves represent 5% of the total supply with 20% made available for use beginning on Day 1 of the TGE.

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