DragonBite Webapp Explained by its Tech Team

Only a few players in the crypto space are taking aim at the loyalty points, including air miles, worth $316 billion and DragonBite is one of them.

DragonBite is the disruptive loyalty ecosystem with decentralized governance that launched its native token on Uniswap last June aims at building a DApp for its users to access all their rewards points from participating loyalty programs in one place and that will allow them to convert them into supported crypto currencies.

Before the release of the DApp, the team is launching a webapp selling vouchers denominated in BITE Point, one of DragonBite’s tokens. It aims at attracting non native crypto holders and reward the top purchasers in BITE, DragonBite utility token so more people get aware about the project and become familiar with the concept of digital assets. Acting for now as a pilot program for the Hong Kong market, the webapp will be available globally in a few days.

Today we are interviewing DragonBite’s tech team which includes Peter (CTO), Henry (Tech Lead and PhD holder) as well as Kayton (Senior Web Engineer) to understand further the mechanism and vision of this project.

Peter: We target to develop in-house multi-channel allowing users access to digital assets via their reward points collected from loyalty programs they have subscribed to.

Channel wise, the most important components will be the Web and Mobile applications. More channels will be added (e.g. Open API) to ensure DragonBite partners can join the Bite asset management ecosystem.

To serve different frontend components as well as our ecosystem partners, DragonBite’s API service layer will be the most important interface. To ensure the system remains scalable, agile and secure, most of the off chain internal systems interact via the API interface.

To manage crypto assets for end users, DragonBite’s crypto asset management backend application and related components such as crypto governance will connect to blockchains including but not limited to RioChain, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and TRON through respective interfaces such as web3.js.

Henry: The DragonBite Webapp will provide around 85% of capabilities which the forthcoming mobile app will offer. It will also provide certain web only capabilities that will help us to serve internal users, ecosystem partners and third party developers efficiently.

Based on DragonBite’s roadmap, we will rollout the following web components over the next 18 months:

  • An Asset Management Frontend for DragonBite Web users and a Web CMS for the administrative team
  • A Multi-tenant management Web frontend for DragonBite loyalty partners (e.g. Merchants and other loyal system operators)
  • A Web based API portal for the developers within DragonBite’s loyalty ecosystem

Kayton: The development team created the hosting infrastructure and initial release, the single page coupon loyalty interface took about two months of development work.

This first release, which acts as a pilot program of the system for the Hong Kong market, allows users to purchase voucher coupons with their credit cards and we will add functionality to permit purchasing using crypto-currency in the next release.

The team will conduct intensive testing, auditing and security vetting before we release the web application for the general public globally — which we estimate will take two to three months depending on the testing and auditing results.

Peter: For now, credit cards are the only payment methods accepted; however, Android Pay will be added in the near future. Adding other popular payment methods will remain one of our key priorities. And obviously, we are planning to accept crypto-currencies in an upcoming release.

Peter: To ensure we can streamline the app’s payment and refund process for selected payment methods, the team continues to test different payment methods. In the next six months, two more payment methods will be added targeting payment options available worldwide.

Henry: Once crypto currencies will be accepted on our Webapp, any user with a Metamask wallet will be able to purchase coupons via DragonBite’s DApp enabled Loyalty web application.

Kayton: When connecting to two coupon service providers, we realised that their approach to handling coupon purchase and redemption were vastly different. We need to cope with those differences and provide a uniform user experience to DragonBite’s end users. To achieve this, the team needs to construct a coupon partner adaptor layer to ensure adding additional coupon partners and suppliers will not impact the user experience, backend data model and processing flow.

Peter: We are building DragonBite’s mobile access API, coupon administration and partner portal in parallel to the aforementioned Webapp deployment.

To ensure the team of developers can use DragonBite’s API in an efficient manner, we will create the online API document and API portal for developers.

Henry: The team is also creating a smart contract required for supporting different use cases (e.g. coupon purchase using crypto currency and tokenized loyalty point).

Peter: DragonBite’s Webapp and DApp will work seamlessly together to handle different use cases (e.g. withdrawn crypto to third party wallets) and deliver a world class user experience appealing to both native and non native crypto users. The team aims to provide a smooth transition for the average loyalty system end user to adopt crypto as one of the means to purchase and exchange loyalty assets and increase their readiness for crypto adoption.

Visit the DragonBite’s Webapp at https://webapp.dragonbite.io

About DragonBite

DragonBite is a fully integrated ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on interoperable technologies, and with many aspects of the ecosystem collectively controlled by its members. Its governance mechanism is predicated upon two digital tokens called $BITE and BITE Point.

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