Great news to Game Lovers !

‘I have spent 3 days and nights on this game to earn the 5 gold stars !’

‘People are leaving and joining the new version of ‘War game’. My in-game weapon will disappear !’

DragonBite: No worry!

You can deposit your virtual weapon and other in-game assets into our digital wallet. We will keep them safely under our technology advanced system.

When you have completed a game and moved forward to other, you can convert your in-game assets into Gift card or even Bitcoin.

DragonBite is a truly decentralised exchange platform to manage multi digital assets, such as loyalty points, air mileages, cryptocurrencies or other digital assets. You can also use your in-game asset to pre-pay the DragonBite MasterCard and make daily consumption in real life. Isn’t it wonderful!

We are compliant with compliance regulatary rules such as GDPR, PDPO, AML and KYC. Please goto the our website to find out more.









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