Loyalty Worth a Fortune

Have you forgotten to redeem your loyalty benefit ?

According to statistic research by Access in 2020, 90% of companies have some sort of loyalty programs, 90% of people in developed countries join membership for at least 4 brands. 61% of customers are loyalty to 1–5 brands, 26% are loyal to 6–10 brands and 6% are loyal to 11–20% brands. People will buy products from the shop again and again in order to accumulate loyalty points.

Economy has been slowed down by pandemic. People cannot go out for business nor shopping. 77% of brands have been closed down without any notice. Customers have loyalty points kept in their accounts but the shops have run out of business.

In fact, the redemption rate of loyalty program is just 7%, but most people do not know the value of their loyalty points. Those loyalty points have money term from the merchants’ prospective. Each program cost at least USD4 to a merchant, according to Deloitte data. Loyalty points are liabilities of merchants, so they want to clean up their liabilities annually and confiscate their loyal customers’ discount benefit. As a result, many loyalty programs have a timeframe. Loyalty points will usually expire by the end of each year and disappear from customers’ accounts.

DragonBite is a newly developed digital wallet for customers to aggregate all their loyalty points, Gift cards, E-vouchers, E-coupons, Air mileages, Gaming points and other digital assets. It provides a secure and convenient platform for customers to transfer and swap digital assets. Customers will be able to spend their idle points to pre-pay DragonBite card for daily consumption in real life. Moreover, customers can spend their expiring points to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

If you don’t want to lose your value of loyalty points, please visit www.dragonbite.asia to find out more.

Email: corporate@dragonbite.asia


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dragonbite/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DragonBiteDB/

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