Revolution of Loyal Customers

‘My loyalty points are going to expire this month ?!’

‘My voucher can NOT be spent on the holiday season ?!’

If you can exchange your loyalty points to a gift card, will you do so ?

If you can transfer your E-voucher to money, will you be interested ?

If ‘YES’, DragonBite is all you need to know.

DragonBite is a digital wallet for all customers to accumulate their digital assets, including Loyalty points, E-vouchers, E-coupons, Gift cards, Air mileages, In-game assets and Cryptocurrencies.

In DragonBite ecosystem, users are allowed to swap vouchers to gift cards, send their loyalty points to top-up air mileages for flight ticket, sell their in-game assets to buy Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency and also use their digital assets to pre-pay DragonBite MasterCard for daily consumption in real life.

With DragonBite wallet, you will solve the expiration date problem of your loyalty programs by converting your digital asset from one to other. DragonBite can preserve the value of your loyalty continuously and aggregate all your scattered reward points into one wallet with one password.

Please join our Revolution of Loyalty Customers, reject those ridiculous redemption rules from brands and start to manage your digital assets with DragonBite.










DragonBite Team

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DragonBite Team

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