Testimonies From DragonBite Partners

DragonBite is an application that serves as an all-inclusive cryptocurrency hub for users — offering a multi-currency digital wallet, portfolio tracking, loyalty redemption points, cryptocurrency trading, and a platform where users can buy crypto with fiat currency as well as reward points.

We have created a platform that acts as a hub for all cryptocurrency-based activity, bringing all aspects of the cryptocurrency economy to one place. Our partners will play a pivotal role in supporting the DragonBite ecosystem grow and evolve in this ever-changing space. Therefore, we are proud to present a few testimonies from our partners to highlight the incredible hard work of our development team to build a platform that can help millions of people to realize the hidden value in their loyalty points and more.

Complements from Molecular Hub:

“We believe DragonBite will build a bridge between all the reward points into a whole new digital incentive system based on blockchain.

Molecular Hub is an innovative financial investment group located in Hong Kong, China. Molecular team have years of experience for digital asset investment and management. After five years of development since its founding in 2015, Molecular Hub has had accumulated abundant blockchain resources and project development experiences, built a complete ecosystem and presented perspective future strategic layout in the blockchain industry, and established close strategic partnerships with multiple top-level financial institutes.

Complements from ACH Worldwide:

We are glad to participate in the starting success of DragonBite. We are looking forward to the expansion of DragonBite ecosystem. We are excited to get our loyalty points convert to cryptocurrency through the DragonBite platform in the near future! Looking forward to meeting the large loyalty community joining the crypto world. We all will benefit from converting our loyalty points to crypto to diversify our investment portfolio!”

ACH being a corporate advisory company facilitates clients to adopt Agile and Creative methods for value creation and reaching a new Horizon of success! They are a group of professional talents with PhD, CPA, CFA or LLB qualifications and proven corporate consultancy experience.

ACH professional and quality S-O-L-A-R Services:

S=Starting>> Business Starter: Business Reengineering, Company restructuring, etc.

O=Operating >> STARS COO & CFO Operation Support (S-T-A-R-S: S=SAAS; T=Just in Time; A=Accurate Data; R=Realistic Forecast; S=Smart Decisions)

L=Learning >> Workshops include Digital Transformation, Business valuation, Brand / Market Strategies, etc.

A=Advising >> > Tokenomics, Market Research & Analysis, Brand & Marketing Strategies, Business Valuation, Financial Analysis & Due diligence

R=Raising >> Fundraising and Deal flow support

About DragonBite

DragonBite is a truly open decentralised Asset Management platform for customers to store and swap all kinds of digital assets in One App with One password. The salient purpose of DragonBite however, is to couple an integrated application and suite of services with a tokenized loyalty rewards system. The combination of these two services is what has resulted in the vision of DragonBite which is “to disrupt the loyalty market with innovative business models and technology”.

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