The Hottest IDO? With PlotX, Bet Your Sweet $BITE

At DragonBite, we can bridge loyalty program customers to crypto currencies by offering them the opportunity to exchange reward points like miles, in-game assets, vouchers and gift cards to crypto currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, USDT and more.

The DragonBite Dapp allows users to access and manage all their loyalty points in one platform and swap them for digital assets.

In other words, instead of redeeming their reward points and gifts, loyalty program customers can exchange them and acces some of the most expensive crypto on the market for free!

Confident with our business model and its potential toward the loyalty program segment, we are very excited by our upcoming IDO that will take place on Friday, June 11th at 4:00 PM UTC where the DragonBite token, $BITE, created to facilitate the conversion of reward points to cryptocurrency will become public on Uniswap, followed by BitMart in July.

IDOs are an exciting time for both project owners and the crypto community. They provide a good indication of the future success of a project, its supporters and the hype generated.

Before investing in a token, the investing community tends to follow a project, its co-founders and does its due diligence to ensure their confidence in the project fundamentals.

While everyones investment objectives are different and their perspectives interrogate every angle, most traders create projections based on the market value of a token at launch and over time as the development team pushes out new features. Therefore and to spice up our upcoming IDO, the DragonBite decided to partner with PlotX to list BITE on their super exciting IDO prediction market: where you can earn crypto token by ‘predicting the future.’

The PlotX prediction market is designed for traders to put their money where their convictions are and predict the price of various crypto assets. Predictions are allowed to be made prior to the DEX listing, and you can also place predictions on the price point of crypto assets, like Bitcoin, based on a specific date in time in the future.

Under this partnership, DragonBite’s $BITE token price can be predicted by those traders confident in their future perspective. You can earn $PLOT on PlotX as a reward for a correct prediction.

From June 4th to June 11th, traders are invited to make their $BITE price prediction on -

There they can bet and predict what BITE’s price will be 48 hours after its launch on Uniswap.

3 Options to Earn Rewards for $BITE Price Predictions on PlotX:

  • 🌙 $BITE to go to Moon e.g traders think $BITE’s price will increase from 1 to 3x
  • 🌏 $BITE to stay on Earth, e.g traders think $BITE’s price will stay the same as for the IDO or below

A reward pool of USDT 12,000 worth of $PLOT tokens has been set up for this special contest. It will be distributed equally among all the winners of the group who best predict how $BITE will evolve.

To participate, traders shall connect their wallet to PlotX and bet any amount they wish. $PLOT, $USDC, $USDT, $DAI, $WETH and $MATIC are all accepted. The $PLOT tokens can be purchased on different exchanges including Uniswap (DEX), Quickswap (DEX), AscendEX (CEX) and MXC (CEX).

The results will be announced officially on June 13th at 4:00 PM UTC and the rewards can be claimed by the winners in the webapp itself (check it out here). The tokens will be distributed the same day and directly transferred to the wallet addresses of the winners which are the ones they use when connecting to PlotX upon registration. The more the bet, the bigger the rewards.

“We decided to partner with PlotX because we think guessing how the price of a token will evolve is part of the projection any traders would do before investing. This collaboration will help DragonBite to raise more awareness toward an audience of traders and speculators.’’ says Andy Chen, Strategic Advisor at DragonBite.

DragonBite and PlotX are organising a series of events to spread the word of BITE before its public launch with an AMA scheduled on PlotX Telegram Channel on June 3rd at 2:00 PM UTC where our CEO, Mickael Costache will introduce the project.

A 2nd AMA scheduled on DragonBite’s Telegram Channel will take place on June 9th at 12:00 PM UTC where we will welcome Kartic Rakhra, cofounder of PlotX.

“Learn & Earn’’ contest will take place on June 10th at 12 pm UTC in the PlotX community to get a chance to win $BITE if they answer correctly to several questions that relate to DragonBite’s project.

“We are excited to partner with DragonBite in the start of our journey in the Pre-IDO Prediction Markets. The market aims to leverage crowd intelligence for traders, investors and project teams to make informed decisions based on the sentiments of the market. It’s a revolutionary experience in itself” adds Ish Goel, Co-founder, PlotX.

About PlotX

Markets are focused on the most exciting crypto-assets like BTC, ETH, MATIC, BNB, DOGE & SHIB and are automatically created in intervals of 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week.

Dubbed as the Uniswap of Prediction Markets due to its simplicity, PlotX uses an Automated Market-Making algorithm to settle markets and distribute rewards without counterparty risk.

The PlotX v2 Mainnet was launched on the Polygon Network on 14th May with a multitude of interesting features like gasless prediction experience. The v2 app has seen significant traction from crypto traders since launch.

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