WeFiv to Make $BITE Tokens Available on its Bitcoin ATMs

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with WeFiv, a leading Crypto Teller Machine operator in APAC and one of Hunter King Group’s latest acquisitions. WeFiv will list $BITE — DragonBite’s native tokens — among the cryptocurrencies accepted in the WeFiv Crypto Teller Machines (CTMs), a crypto take the legacy finance system’s ATMs.

DragonBite Draws Attention from Many Corners

DragonBite made a great impression with VC and private investors in Q1 during its fundraising campaign which was reported in Cointelegraph. DragonBite’s Dapp offers loyalty programs’ customers the opportunity to swap reward points, coupons and vouchers — issued by more than 50,000 merchants — into crypto currencies is cutting edge. Its business model and innovative idea of bridging crypto and loyalty programs together not only attracted attention from private investors but retailers, gamers and loyalty program members have also taken notice.

Since the end of April, DragonBite’s social media is growing exponentially and currently has 25,000 subscribers in its Telegram channel. To drive the adoption of the Dapp, DragonBite is going a step further by getting its token accepted by CTMs allowing more newbies in the crypto space to get familiar with $BITE.

WeFiv’s Growing Network of CTMs in Multiple Asian Countries Makes Crypto Access Easy

WeFiv, which operates the Hunter King CTM machines, is a startup based in Hong Kong and connects diverse services to the blockchain. Among its services, the firm has specialised in CTMs operations to make the exchange of cryptocurrency simple.

With 200+ CTMs displayed across Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam, WeFiv has established itself as one of the leading CTM players in Asia. After Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT), $BITE will be the fourth crypto currencies listed for purchase or exchange in all of WeFiv’s CTMs.

‘’Having been approved by the Hunter King Group’s team to get our token listed as the fourth cryptocurrencies in all its CTMs is a new milestone for DragonBite. We believe this will participate in the mass adoption of BITE since CTMs are on the rise and used by thousands of people everyday’’ says Mickael Costache, CEO of DragonBite.

Bitcoin ATMs have been growing in popularity as the message of crypto and its usage becomes more widespread across the globe. According to an article released by BTC Manager last month, as of May 7th, the number of bitcoin ATMs stood at 19,509 compared to 7,756 CTMs a year ago. Many people prefer using machines than doing online transactions for safety reasons and by fear of being hacked or sharing personal information such as their credit card data online.

Unlike other CTMs, WeFiv differentiates itself through its KYC process. For people to purchase crypto or redeem fiat, they need to undergo an ID verification via the WeFiv Dapp. This approach of bringing more transparency to the market was welcomed by many crypto firms especially those who are looking to get licensed. Therefore, getting tokens listed on WeFiv CTM is not an easy task. The firm is reviewing applications on a case-by-case basis.

No matter what fiat you have in your pocket, you’ll be able to exchange for $BITE at WeFiv’s CTMs: While Bitcoin ATMs often take 5 to 10 minutes for people to access cash, WeFiv CTMs support multi currencies including HKD, Vietnam Dong, Indian Rupee, Philippines Peso, USD, Thai Baht and provide instantaneous withdrawal making it competitive.

You could soon exchange your $BITE into fiat currency on all WeFiv’s Bitcoin ATMs

DragonBite Enables Crypto Use for More than 1 Million Dapp Users

DragonBite is tapping into the loyalty program and gaming segment — two sectors with a market cap evaluated at US$ 316 billion and US$ 50 billion respectively — by introducing its Dapp which will allow people to convert their expiring points, gift cards and other reward incentives into $BITE before accessing cryptocurrencies.

While the full list of the supporting merchants has not been releases, DragonBite users could expect swapping their rewards from companies including Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonald’s, Champion as well as airlines companies, via DragonBite’s partnership with Asia Top Loyalty and which gives DragonBite direct access to over 1 million users.

The collaboration between WeFiv and DragonBite is truly a call to empower loyalty program customers across Asia, a region particularly inclined to subscribe to loyalty programs and where the adoption of crypto currencies is rising since the beginning of COVID with friendly jurisdictions and more regulations around this space making it safer for people to experience the efficiency of cryptocurrency.

$BITE will be available in all of WeFiv’s CTMs within the year. In the meantime, $BITE could still be purchased, sold, swapped and traded on Uniswap from Friday, June 11th, 4:00PM UTC, which is the date and time where $BITE is having its IDO.

About DragonBite

DragonBite is a fully integrated ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on interoperable technologies, and with many aspects of the ecosystem collectively controlled by its members. Its governance mechanism is predicated upon two digital tokens called BITE and BITE Point.

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