With The DragonBite MantraDao LP Staking Program, Get Rewarded for Providing Liquidity

Following the launch of $BITE token on Uniswap and its twostaking programs on Mantra Dao and Polkabridge which allow people to generate passive income from their $BITE holdings, we are pleased to announce the opening of a third staking program for liquidity providers on Mantra Dao: the DragonBite-MantraDao LP Staking Program.

The pool is reserved for those who:

  • purchase $BITE with $ETH on Uniswap;
  • provide liquidity;
  • stake on the Uniswap v2 Pool on Mantra Dao for 8 weeks.

Before starting, beware of scam addresses on Uniswap. They display fake $BITE tokens with our symbol and logo so to avoid this to happen, make sure to connect to the right DragonBite’s contract address (e.g 0x4eed0fa8de12d5a86517f214c2f11586ba2ed88d) on Uniswap:

After purchasing $BITE, stake them on the dedicated pool together with the same amount of $ETH (please make sure you have both $BITE and $ETH to proceed this operation).

Once you have the LP tokens issued, go to MantraDao and stake the LP tokens here.

Although the LP tokens can be withdrawn at any time, it’s recommended to stake them for 8 weeks so you avoid high withdrawal fees and maximise your earning gains.

To help us verify your identity once you have staked your LP tokens, please fill out this form.

By Staking LP tokens, You Qualify For Extra Entries to the Ferrari Giveaway Lucky Draw

And surprise! If you stake before July 22nd and follow the below steps, you will get entries to the lucky draw for a chance to win a Ferrari California and several other prizes including 10 test drives, 5 iPhones, 5 AirPods and thousands of $BITE!

To learn more about this unique giveaway campaign, please read the article here

So hurry up!

The more your stake, the more you earn and higher your chance to be among the winners of the giveaway contest.

DragonBite is a fully integrated ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on interoperable technologies, and with many aspects of the ecosystem collectively controlled by its members. Its governance mechanism is predicated upon 2 digital tokens called BITE and BITE Point.

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